My Mother

Today is Mother’s Day in the States (and other parts of the world) while Mothering Sunday here in the UK was last month.

My mother and I have had a difficult relationship for a lot of reasons that should never grace a blog. However, if anything, my mother has taught me to be a minimalist.

Is that because my mother can fit everything she owns in her Chevy? No.
Is that because my mother actually can name everything she owns? No.
Is that because my mother can name exactly where my birth certificate is when I needed to get a passport? No. (..I had to pay for a new one! Ugh.)

My mother is a hoarder. While there aren’t dead animals in her home (well.. I did find a mouse once) there are stacks. And stacks. And it’s impossible to keep the house clean because there is just so much STUFF. I’d take some pictures next time I see her but she’d kill me.

Now, just know, I have no idea where she got this gene. My grandparents (her parents) were organised. Yet, it skipped Momma.

Now me? Didn’t skip me. Infact I have a text document with everything I own written down. I’d almost be willing to copy and paste it here but I find the amount I own too much and am still on a journey to downsize. đŸ˜‰

My friends think I’m a bit OCPD. Heck, my husband thinks that as well! But it does help me keep my sanity. I am never, ever, looking for something and not able to find it. I never lose anything. Even the few boxes I have left at my parent’s house are organised and documented.

With all that in mind .. I’m moving in August.

In with my in-laws.

Who, while lovely, are a bit hoarderish themselves..

I have no idea how I’m going to survive this.


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