Fitting Belongings in Suitcase(s) – Disaster

So, I attempted to fit all my belongings in suitcases. I took pictures of the before and was very excited to be able to show the “after” pictures.

I got halfway through filling suitcase number three when I realised that I still have a long way to go to be truly minimal. Yes, at last count, I had less than 700 items. But to me that is, apparently, too much. I truly want to be able to fit into the three suitcases and overnight bag. Instead I think it would have taken six or seven suitcases plus more. And that is too much.

As a kid I watched a heck of a lot of Star Trek. I can quote Janeway and Sisko and Picard until your ears bleed. And you know what I remember about their quarters? They didn’t own much. A few paintings, a few special items. If they needed something else they replicated it and then recycled it when they were through.

While we don’t have that luxury.. I still don’t need all that I have. I really don’t. And here I was thinking I was at a holding point! No siree..

Before pictures will be posted.. just as soon as I’m done putting everything back where it belongs!


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